Miguel A. Briones has been an outstanding photographer for over 40 years with different specialties like fine art, nature and wildlife, aerial, fashion and travel photography. He has work with publications and editorials such as ELLE, Vogue, Hola, Architectural Digest just to name a few.

Miguel A. Briones has done exhibits in art galleries and museums as well in his  country Mexico and the US.

He has been in a project for the last 10 years on fine art aerial photography, the exhibit name is “Textures of Our Earth”, documenting the vastness, complexity and magnificent power and vulnerability of our planet earth.

He has also photograph ancient cultures as The Mayas and done several expeditions worldwide.

It should be taken into account that by the time Miguel Ángel Briones 

began his series of aerial photography, although he still did not have a 

global conception of the extension and scope of the work, he was already 

a professional who had experimented with different genres, styles, 

techniques, fashions and optics . 

Thus, in undertaking this particular task it was natural for him to embrace a classical mode, that is to say: almost impersonal, serene and contained, dominated by temperance. 

His successful aesthetic decisions are one of resounding poise and precision.

Beyond the rapture that the remarkable visual achievement of these 

photographs produces in us, each one of them stimulates a sensation that 

could well be equated to a lesson in humility: the textures of the cosmic are 

confused with the microscopic and place us humans in our modest 

dimension, our importance is relativized and we are placed in the general, majestic and multiple context of the planet that houses us.

It is not a moral warning or an environmental scolding, but a purely poetic discourse, perhaps for this reason more penetrating and captivating.


Miguel A. Briones / Claudio Isaac.

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