The exhibition has been conceived as a sample of the most important archaeological sites in the State of Yucatan but with the idea of confronting the roots of the Maya culture, its philosophy of life and its cosmovition with the busy life of today.

Miguel A. Briones tries with his particular look, gives the viewer a moment in which to recapitulate about the present moment in relation to the past. The contrast between nature and coexistence in harmony with it of the pre-Hispanic peoples and the lack of care of today’s man towards the earth, are the starting points for Miguel A. Briones through the camera, transmit to us the aesthetic and spiritual sense of these peoples and the lack of these values at the end of the 21st century.

As a record “Photographs in the present are the memory of ourselves,” and in the same way for the Maya, the memories, the stories were kept in the lower reliefs, in the inscriptions on the stone. Retrospective of A Millennium, is the testimony of a culture that “still remains” and that if we enter it, can make us aware of the value and the relationship of nature with man.

Miguel A. Briones has been a photographer since 1980. It has been developed in various areas such as fashion, catalogs and art books, documentary and artistic photography. He has exhibited his work both in Mexico and New York and Miami to mention a few.

Due to the origin of the Mayan Culture, the artist has decided to take as the starting point of the exhibition the city of Merida, Yucatan for its cultural richness and social ancestry.

Miguel A. Briones has collaborated in the same way as a promoter of culture and art.

Note.- This material has been originally shot in analog medium format and it is available in digital as well as analog prints.